“Just” part of the plan?

If the universe knows, where it has to go towards development and complexity, is the human role to merely position itself in the same direction, utterly passive and observant, or can/should we have a more active role in this process?

In other words, is it possible that, with all the abilities granted to Man, Nature’s desire is for Man to step aside and merely observe that Man does not get on Nature’s way, humbly following Nature’s course,


is it the task of every and each individual, hence the humankind, to pursue their own development towards development, taking a rather active part directing nature’s course towards its goal, thus ensuring the future is not a mere consequence but the product of Man’s rich understanding and consideration of Nature itself and – Man’s singular gift – deliberate attention to beauty?

Is Man part of the plan or ‘just’ part of the plan?

Caution: unbearable sense of responsibility in addition to overwhelming helplessness are corollary to Free Will exercise.